Just like any company you hire to provide a professional service, it is important that the spray foam insulation contractor you choose for your insulation installation has the right qualifications for the job. You may not know off the top of your head what certifications you should be looking for in that arena, and that’s okay. However, it is in your best interest to learn which qualifications to check for and why each one is important in the grand scheme of your home improvement project. We’re going to give you an overview of the main three to look for.


Does the Contractor Use Products Approved by the American Chemistry Council Spray Foam Coalition?

One of the first and foremost factors you should take into consideration is the quality and safety standard of the equipment and products that are going to be used to insulate your home. The American Chemistry Council has several divisions under its Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI) that are devoted to spray foam insulation. The Spray Foam Coalition (SFC) is one of these organizations and it focuses on promoting the benefits of spray foam insulation as well as the importance of safe manufacturing, transporting, and application of spray foam insulation.

Members of the the SFC are companies that are verified and able to produce and sell spray foam insulation systems, equipment, and chemicals according to regulation. You should make sure that any contractor you’re considering is using products from an SFC certified member. A full list of SFC members can be found on the SFC’s website.

Many spray foam companies will have information on what equipment and supplies they use right on their website, but if you can’t find that information on their site you can always ask them yourself. This is important to you because you won’t have to wonder about the quality or safety of the products being applied in your home or the spray systems being used to apply them because you will know that the materials are up to regulation standards.


SPFA PCP certification

The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) is another part of the American Chemistry Council’s Center for the Polyurethanes Industry. Its Professional Certification Program (PCP) is a multi-level certification program focused on creating the highest standards of installation quality and safety. The different levels of certification are available for assistants, installers, master installers, and project managers. The PCP includes completion of the pivotal Chemical Health and Safety program by the CPI and also covers CPR, first aid, and OSHA safety courses as well.

Once a spray foam installer is certified, two things happen. The first is that they receive a SPFA PCP identification card based on the level of certification they completed. This must be renewed every five years, so be sure to check the contractor’s card is up to date.

The second thing a contractor gets is a CPI Chemical Health and Safety Training ID number. Feel free to ask your spray foam contractor in consideration for this number, and check it to verify completion, using the database here. Completion of this course and certification by the SPFA ensures that the most thorough safety protocol will be followed by the technicians installing your insulation.


ABAA certification

Another helpful certification for contractors to have under their belt is the Spray Polyurethane Foam Installer Training Course provided by the Air Barrier Association of America(ABAA). This course focuses on the necessity and function of air barrier assembly, proper installation procedures, codes, and standards.

In order for a contractor to be granted certification, they also must have 3000 hours of experience with air barrier application or other required fields, which includes at least 1500 hours specifically dedicated to spray polyurethane foam experience. This means that if a contractor you’re considering has the ABAA certification, it is a good indicator of having sufficient experience in the field. As discussed in the last section, plenty of experience should be a reassuring indicator that the contractor is an expert at the best practices for installation.

The importance of making sure the contractor you choose is a spray foam insulation expert is an easy task if you ensure that they have the right qualifications. Checking that your installer has obtained these certifications should make you feel more comfortable with the level of safety and precision they will have when applying spray foam insulation in your home. If you want to equip yourself with more information on how to choose the right contractor before making that decision, check out our guide on how to do so: How to Choose a Spray Foam Insulation Contractor.