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With new homes, building codes are becoming increasingly difficult to reach without using the newer products available on the market. As a home builder you know how difficult it is to reach the building codes concerning air infiltration and air sealing.

Choosing to make the move from using traditional insulation in your new home construction to using spray foam can be a difficult choice, but once you have made the choice, selecting a spray foam contractor for your jobs should not be. By using PolarPak Foam, you will receive a superior products.

Benefits to Foam:

  • Adds value to the structure.
  • Increases the structural strength of the home.
  • Easier to obtain building code goals regarding insulation and air infiltration.
  • Offers noise protection within structure.
  • Foam fills the stud cavities fully and properly.

With all of these benefits available to home builders it only makes sense to insulate with spray foam, and customers will thank you for doing it.

Denver Metro Area luxury home sales were up 13.7% in November 2013 from a year ago, according to the latest Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage luxury home report. (Photo provided by Steve Maita, Maita Communications LLC)

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Key Benefits of the Service

As a home builder, there are many benefits to having your home insulated with spray foam.

  Easier to reach air sealing requirements to meet the newer code requirements.
  Reduced construction time
  Customers receive added benefits of energy efficiency, building strength, and more comfortable indoor environment.
  Improved insulation life cycle compared to traditional insulation.

All of our spray foam technicians are American Chemistry Council Certified.
We are able to spray residential, commercial, and industrial spaces by utilizing the latest and powerful equipment.
Our commitment is to the customer and industry. We want all of our customers to enjoy a comfortable home, and improve the industry by utilizing professional equipment, and proper installation guidlines.
Building a home? We will spray the foam!