Anyone who has looked into spray foam insulation knows that as a general rule of thumb, there’s not really such thing as do-it-yourself (DIY) spray foam insulation. If you have decided to insulate your home with spray foam and are looking for the next right steps to start your project, you may still be trying to find a way to make it work as a DIY project. Common reasons for trying to do things alone include trying to save money or avoid the hassle of finding the right contractor. Sometimes a homeowner is just more of a hands-on home improvement person in the first place, and accustomed to handling projects with ease. If you are harboring any doubts whether installing spray foam insulation is really as complicated as contractors say it is, rest assured., In most cases, spray foam insulation technicians aren’t just conveying the idea that DIY is a bad option in an effort to gain more business for themselves. Ethical installers care that things are done safely and effectively and seek to underscore the many reasons why installing spray foam in your house is best left to spray foam insulation experts.

The first and most obvious reason is because of the specialized equipment systems needed for application. Even the oversimplified DIY spray foam insulation kits you can purchase at a home improvement store near you require very specific processes in order to function properly when applying spray foam to even the smallest areas. Although they are already intended for small projects, the most common complaints made by consumers who try to use these kits are that they cover much less square footage and thickness than advertised, and that the mess caused by faulty hoses and broken tips is not worth the hassle. This means in order to finish your entire installation project using  nothing but do-it-yourself kits, you would probably end up spending just as much money and many more hours than that of having it installed by a professional.

Professional rigs like the ones used by contractors can handle much higher application demands, but are impractical to purchase for single project use. They would cost you literally tens of thousands of dollars more than just hiring a contractor to complete your project. There would be absolutely no reason to purchase a professional spray foam system unless you yourself are looking to get in the business of spray foam installation!

Having technical issues with equipment isn’t the only way to end up with a mess on your hands. The spray foam insulation application process can be a messy one. Think about it: A pressurized machine is being used to spray liquids that quickly turn into foam onto a surface that is most likely indoors. Unless you know the proper procedures and techniques to follow for the most precise application, there will be quite a bit of fallout. Luckily, certified spray foam insulation contractors have been trained on these techniques to eliminate as much mess or waste of supplies as possible. Not to mention, precision spray foam insulation installation ensures there are no holes or gaps overlooked that could result in air infiltration and weaken your home’s energy efficiency.

The last and possibly most important reason to leave your spray foam project to a professional is due to crucial safety concerns. There are particular specifications on how the equipment and chemical compounds used in the application process for closed cell foam must be handled in order to ensure the health and safety of both the installers and homeowners. Professional installers go through training and certification courses on chemical safety to be equipped with the safest application procedures to follow as well as what to do should a first aid situation arise. This should give you more peace of mind that a certified contractor completing the job will follow proper protocol and not unknowingly compromise the health of you or your loved ones by improperly handling products during application.

As you now see, there are several very important points to dissuade you from attempting to make insulating your home with spray foam a DIY project. Spray foam insulation is a fantastic investment for your home, so there is no reason to compromise its value or effectiveness. A certified professional will be able to complete your spray foam insulation in the most cost effective way and the least amount of time without compromising precision or safety.
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